- Stranger Danger
- Fire safety
- Healthy eating
- Anti Bullying
- Health & Fitness
- Doing good in School
- Respect
- Discipline
- Be A Champion In Life
- Gradings
- Team Work
- Helping others & Sharing
  & thats just a small part of our successful curriculum 


We offer a class for 4 - 7 year olds called Lil Dragons on Tuesdays at 5-6pm.  In This class we specialize in:
  • Self-esteem to smile from within and project confidence to others.
  • Discipline to know when to use Muay Thai and when not to and focus their energy in a
    positive direction.
  • Coordination and better
    listening skills.
  • Learning respect for themselves
    and others.
  • Making classes fun with
    structured curriculum.
  • Stranger Danger/Anti Bullying Training
    and Awareness.
  • Tuition Programs to fit anyone's
  • A flexible schedule with after
    school early evening class.


Call Halton's Succesful Muay Thai club
today on 07763802555 to schedule an appointment. If you have any other
questions or comments, please contact us we will be happy to help

Lil' Dragons is a fantastic Muay Thai program aimed at 4-7 year old children which

Emphasizes coordination and life skills. The class works to develop a foundation for each student to build upon as they grow in Muay Thai skills AND in all areas of
life. Our Lil' Dragons program does not just train physically but
also mentally, socially and emotionally.

It is so important for children to exercise when they are young to develop healthy habits for the rest of their lives.


Some of the things we work on

  • Exercise / Stretching /Muay Thai
  • Self Defence / Unsafe People Awarenes
  • Manners / Kindness / Sharing
  • Character Building
  • Motor Skills / Balance / Following Directions
  • Focus and Listening Skills / Safety
  • Taking care of our bodies

And much more!

Doing our best with all our heart!


We work hard to develop a sense of belonging to a team and we all cheer for each other to do well.


We look forward to seeing your
children in class!


Join your child now on 07763802555