Personal Training


Personal Training package includes unlimited use of our personal training studio in Widnes. Even if you already belong to a gym, you can still
work out in our studio without paying any additional membership.

Personal Training delivers balanced fitness, strength, flexibility and endurance. You will also learn how to use your time between personal training sessions to get leaner and stronger-faster.


Personal Training program offers:


One-on-one personal training sessions with a professional Method
Fitness trainer.


Complimentary membership to use our fitness facility.


Full lifestyle, health and fitness assessment.


A fitness regimen designed for your level of fitness and goals.


"Off-Day" programs.


Travel training programs.


Personal Training …founded on solid principles of health and wellbeing


Mission: Personal Training goal is to bring an integrated plan for total
health and fitness - mind and body - to its clients.





Personal training services, designed to provide clients with the ultimate in inspiration and motivation, in our private studio or in the comfort and privacy of the client's home.


Massages of all types are offered at our Widnes Studio.


Personnel: Staff are thoroughly screened to insure they have the right combination of skills and dedication. Trainers not only conduct workout sessions, they also educate clients on the most beneficial fitness practices.


Everyone at Personal Training shares a client-focused view of health and fitness, as well as a commitment to on going education and self-improvement.


 Get Fit...Get Focused






We offer day time and evening time hours for training Monday to Saturday to suit what time is best for you.


To book a personal training session please contact 07763802555