What does a person need to be aware of when looking  for a Muay Thai club to join?


  • Instructors are ranked and certified by a Master
  • Instructors can perform and are active martial artists
  • CRB checked
  • First Aided
  • Proven track that the instructors teachings has produced champions
  • Structured classes

About Our Club?

  • 5 Qualified Instructors of an advanced 4th khan(Degree)  (Red/Green Kuang Rang Armband) or abovecertified by Grand Master Sken
  • ONLY Muay Thai club in the area certified by a Grand Master
  • Up to date CRB check
  • Club/Instructors to hold an unexpired Public liability insurance certificate
  • An on site qualified First Aider
  • A grading system that certifies their students with a recognizable certificate world wide
  • A clean, safe and hygienic premises
  • Car parking facilities 
  • No tied in membership contracts
  • Successfull fighters and champions
  • Award Winning Instructors
  • UK's Leading Martial Arts Demo Team
  • Senior Instructor is One of the UKs only Assessor under Grand Master Sken
  • Home of English , British , European Champions and World games Medallists
  • Instructors are placed in The Hall Of Fame Awards of martial Artists
  • Most succesful Muay Thai club in the area


Are our instructors qualified?


Yes,  Our chief instructor Kru Lundy is a red/green Arm band 4th Khan (Red arm band is the equivalent of a  1st degree/trainee instructor level of which our assistant instructors are graded).  Kru Lundy is a qualified Advanced MTQ Diploma Instructor certified and assessed by Grand Master Sken.  We also have 4 certified Kru's (instructors) certified by Grand Master Sken produced by Kru Lundy at our club.


Does our club have a Master?


Yes, Unlike other clubs we have a Grand Master the most World Renowned Grand Master Sken   Our instructors train with him on a regular basis and are continuing to be assessed for higher grades and are always being assessed on quality and professionalism of teaching. Some club instructors have been trained by Grand Master Sken and advertise this on their website but are no longer under his mentoring or grading system were as our club is.


Does our club have health and safety regulations?


Yes, our club has health and safety regulations in place as well as our instructors being certified first aiders.  Our instructors have an up to date enhanced CRB check and we teach employees of the local Police and Council.


 Is our club fully equipped?


Yes, our club is fully equipped and is kept clean and hygienic at all times.  You can take a look at our facilities on the facilities page.


Do we have a grading system?


Yes, unlike any other clubs in the area our instructors are qualified assesses,qualified by Grand Master Sken and all certification is certified by Grand Master Sken and are recognized not just in the UK but World Wide unlike most clubs who certify their students with certfictaion from small associations that are not recognizable in th UK or World Wide or even some clubs make up their own association and grade students past what grade the clubs Senior instructor really is.


Does our club have seminars?


Yes, we have Grand Master Sken visit and teach at our club more than once a year.


Do you have to compete at our club?


No, it is the students decision if they would like to compete and therefore left to them to approach and ask an instructor if they are able to compete if they do our instructors will support them 100%.


Does our club teach Muay Boran?


Yes,  Our club teaches Muay Boran and Muay Thai with quality and step by step instruction, please be aware as some club advertise that they teach Muay Boran or Muay Thai but don't.


Does our club have car parking facilities?


Yes, we have a large FREE private and secure car parking facility that is well lightened


Do you have to sign a membership contract?


No, you can simply pay as you go or pay in monthly blocks of classes that will save you money the choice is yours


Has our club produced successful fighters?


Yes, our club has produced many successfull fighters and 7 UK Champions, European Champion and World Silver Medallist.