About Kru Lundy Martial Artist, Stage Combat Performer, Screen Fighter, Actor & Personal Trainer.



Your Trainer in Martial Arts

Kru Lundy is a Red/Green arm band 4th Khan (equivalent to 4th degree) has been teaching martial arts for 12 years being recognised by Grand Master Sken the trainer of the best instructors/fighters in the world and of whom brought Muay Thai to the UK in 1977 he recognised his quality & professionalism in Muay Thai now mentors Kru weekly , please note Grand Master Sken only has the best of the best under his mentoring or from his own words 'The cream of the crop'. Your Kru has produced 7 UK Championship title wins and many outstanding fighters as well as training up 4 certified Kru's (Instructors) that are now teaching. Kru Lundy is the only assessor under Grand Master Sken in the UK of whom grade with trust from Grand Master Sken to award certification signed and authorised by Grand Master Sken & can train up students up to Kru level there after to be graded and certified by Grand Master Sken.  Kru Lundy is a Chief Cornerman not just for his own fighters but also for other MSA fighters when asked by Grand Master Sken.  Kru Lundy teaches every student with excellence, with quality and has made students not only champions in the ring but champions in life.  No matter what level you are at in martial arts or if you have never done martial arts before Kru Lundy can begin your journey through martial arts with his support to enlighten you to achieve miracles with helping you gain more self belief and physical abilities of which you would never thought of achieving as he has proven with many others under his guidance and support.


Your Trainer in the fitness industry


Kru Lundy was first qualified in the Health & Fitness industry in 1999 and since then has excelled in his profession as a Personal Trainer with outstanding results for his clients, helping clients not just to gain a great physique but also help them become a fitness instructor themselves through the quality and guidance through their training sessions. Kru has quality tuition in teaching classes in Spinning, Circuits, Boot Camp, Martial Arts & Body Tone (equivalent to Body Pump). Whatever your fitness goal is Kru can tailor a programme to your needs and with vast amount of knowledge he can alter training programmes by the session so they don't get boring or repetitive. He will start your first session light and comfortable to see where you fitness level are  then build, so no painful first session that will make you feel uneasy and ill but enjoyable and fun. Try out a session and you will be thriving for more as his other clients have of whom have been training with him for many years and continue to do so.



'Be the best you can be'