Widnes Muay Thai is owned and tutored by husband and wife
Kru Lundy awarded Hall of Fame Gold Award for His contribution to martial arts in the UK 

Senior Instructor & Club Owner Kru Lundy pictured in action performing for celebrities for a night with Jean Claude Van Damme and with his wife and Co Owner British Champion Kru Kirsty Lund at award ceremony

Kru Lundy

Trainer Of Champions

Chief Instructor/Co-Owner 
12 Years Of Teaching/Trainer of 8 UK Championship Title Holders English,Britsh & European Qualified  Instructor Diploma Red/Green Arm Band 4th Khan Awarded And Assessed By Grand Master Sken Kaewpadung

Kru Lundy is also a Stunt Screen Fighter and Actor.

Kru Lundy Winner of 2013 Sports Champion Award

Kru Lundy leads and coaches one of the UKs Elite Muay Boran/Thai Demonstration Team in the UK entertaining large shows and theatres with great success and have appeared in the press and the MAI magazine.
Kru Lundy is a Hall Of Fame Gold award winner from martial Arts Illustrated Magazine for his contribution to martial arts in the UK.
Kru Lundy awarded Instructor Of The Year at the International Martial Arts Awards London 2016
Kru Lundy awarded by Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine Black Belt Award 2016

Kru Lundy is a qualified judge on the Muay Thai judging register UKMTF trained by Tony Myers