Greer Robson Speaks Out and Reveals the Raw Truth About That 'Martial Arts Instructor and Personal Trainer ' Kru Lundy Who Advertises and Has Appeared in the Press Several Times.


This guy, Kru Lundy, promises all sorts of things to us mind, body & spirit that his 'promises' are obtained. He says he has the recipe for weight loss, gain great fitness, positive well being & learning the true etiquette of martial arts every time I read his adverts in the paper and on the internet, every time I read his ads I thought, "how could a man change the life of a person to be a champion in life as he says he can?". Now I'm going to tell you the raw truth about this guy and his 'be a champion in life secret'.

My name is Greer Robson, I live in Widnes, Cheshire officer. Going back some years I was struggling with weight loss and challenges and looked for something to help me with both. I had seen Kru Lundy owner of working as a Door Supervisor on Top of The Town in Widnes town centre, he always seemed welcoming and polite to all entering the club and thought he was a gentleman. Days later I had seen an advert of his club and decided to go as I knew I would be taught & mentored by a good person. Before entering the studio based at Hale Road the thoughts went through my head, what if no one likes me? what if I can't do it? will I be rubbish with my fitness level? will I get beat up? is all what he says he does not true? What I discovered was quite scary everything I thought was the total opposite, everyone was very friendly, I could do it, it didn't matter what fitness level I was at I could have a rest at anytime and it was at my pace, there isn't any contact in the beginners classes and Kru Lundy is the real deal he is a great guru of his chosen art and of health & fitness. Kru Lundy had his wife Kru Kirsty working with him she welcomes you into the classes and reassures you with any questions you have, she is walking living evidence of Kru Lundy's teachings as she has lost over 5 stone, an ambassador of anti bullying, a British Champion, partners with you in class to help you and is beaming with confidence & wellbeing she is not just a champion in the ring she is full of great well being she is a 'champion in life'.  Kru Lundy gives you uplifting moral support and motivation to be the best you can be not just in class time but spends time with you out of teaching hours to give advice and encouragement and proves this through all the champions and great inspirational stories he has made with myself and others in Cheshire. I started gaining confidence and weight loss after a short period at MSA Widnes Muay Thai realising that anyone can do martial arts and that it is our own minds that pulls us back from doing things, we put limits on ourselves from furthering ourselves to success. I decided to have a goal to go for as Kru Lundy says if you don't have a goal whilst training you don't have anything to aim for therefore the effort level and focus won't be as great as it could be with goal setting, so I went for my grades and the journey through the grading process to become an Instructor. Once I started the grades doubt kept on slipping in and out of my mind just like when I first wanted to go to be taught by Kru Lundy but with the quality team around me at class and Kru Lundy guiding me to achieve what I didn't believe I passed my first grade. I got a great boost of confidence and achievement as well as losing more weight so I decided to set another goal and go for my next grade but the fear factor kicked in two weeks before the grading day as capped my ability with fear thinking I couldn't achieve my next goal. With the moral support from Kru Lundy & Kru Kirsty I went for the grade and passed again with upmost delight. Did the grading get easier no, I kept on dropping out last minute and my belief kept on going as I always did but Kru Lundy and Kru Kirsty said 'you have the ability to do it you can'. After several weeks with great thought I decided to stop thinking negative and go for my goal with great endeavour. At Christmas time 2014 I achieved what I didn't believe , I became a Kru (instructor translation from Thai) certified by world renowned Grand Master Sken in Manchester the Master who brought Muay Thai from Thailand in 1977, I now teach the children at MSA Widnes Muay Thai alongside Kru Lundy & Kru Kirsty, my weight loss has been unreal, my well being is uplifting and positive, I'm on the clubs demonstration team preparing to do an exhibition on the biggest Martial Arts event in the UK at the Dome in Doncaster in May, I have met lifelong friends at class, my fitness is competition level, I have positive growth in my career with a promotion to a team leader, I'm always happy and full of life as I'm a champion in life. Don't have doubt in Kru Lundy as he wont in you and will only help you gain your goals in life, I'm exposing that the raw truth is that he is true with his teachings with weight loss, gain great fitness, positive well being & learning the true etiquette of martial arts and with helping kids with anti bullying he is the Bully Buster of Cheshire to me and has made me to always believe and achieve. All I can say is "come and join us" by texting Kru Kirsty on 07763802555.