Before & after pictures of some of the many that have trained at Widnes Thai Boxing with a great WEIGHT LOSS results.


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Seriously looking for a way to lose weight?  Ever thought of having a Personal Trainer?  Xtreme weight loss is happening at MSA Widnes be apart of it :) pictured is Callum Currier,  Callum has a medical condition and his medication gained him a lot of weight at the beginning of this year he decided to stick to a serious training regime with me Kru Lundy and with sensible eating, Callum couldn't take health supplements due to his medical condition so fat burners weight loss pills were not used just commitment dedication and passion with control of his eating and the results are shown in the picture the before and after are 8 months apart this is another one of my success stories with helping people be a champion in life :) :) :) interested text 07763802555 wont the same results in 8 months if your goal is weight loss you can do it :) Kru Lundy  (you can contact Callum on facebook to ask about his training with me)




Need help losing weight but hate going the gym on your own and need motivating?  pictured Kru Kirsty after having a baby in December 2012 then starting back training this year in February she has lost 3 stone and gone from a size 18 to a 10 with 4 training sessions a week and eating sensibly with guidance from me Kru Lundy successful Muay Thai instructor and Personal Trainer (first certified as an instructor in fitness 14 years ago) all sessions are held at our private studio on Hale Road Widnes 'Get Fit Get Focused' more before and afters to come



 Naomi Dixon from Widnes, Cheshire trains at our club in the Spinning, Kettlercise & Boot camp classes.  As you can see from the picture she has lost body fat and gained muscle losing 2 stone of fat in ONLY 8 MONTHS trained by KRU LUNDY.




Amazing results from our Kru Greer Robson she took all gudiance and advise from me and now she has the physique she wished and wanted well done hard work dedication determination and most importantly self discipline you have shown 100% well done


Pictured Kru Rory Roberston.  Kru Rory Robertson started being trained by Kru Lundy to gain knowledge of Muay Thai but gained more than what he hoped for as he is now a certified Instructor (Kru)/Personal Trainer & fighter as well as gaining an impressive phyiwue and fitness level he is truly a champion in life.


In NEED of some serious WEIGHT LOSS well HERE at Widnes Thai Boxing we can HELP YOU. 


Enquiry line:  07763802555