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Senior Instructors Fit and competing

Well done to our Senior Instructors Kru Lundy and Kru Kirsty on competing at the UKBFF Bodybuilding championships on Sunday they were in prime health and fitness phyique for their debut on the UKBFF scene well done :)

Kayla Garvey NEW British Champion

Well done to our NEW British Champion Kayla Garvey 10 year old of Widnes winning at the Championships in Birmingham this weekend a true martial artist who has trained with us since the young age 4 WELL DONE Champ we are all so proud of you the team :)

Kru Lundy and his Instructors meet Jean Claude van Damme

An evening with Jean Claude Van Damme held a BIG event at the Manchester Media City being the host to celebraties.  Kru Lundy, Kru Kirsty and Kru Rory entertained all who attended as the intriduction for Jean Claude Van damme on stage this was a great event first of its kind in the world by Jean Claude Van Damme.

Here is the performance on you tube :)

Kru Lundy and MSA Widnes Demonstration Team perform in Scotland

Kru Lundy and MSA Widnes Demonstration Team perform in Scotland at The Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine Hall Of Fame Awards for all Masters, Students & Fighters of Scotland.  They were the entertainment for the great martial arts event organised by Bob Sykes and Paul Barnett.  Heres the link to watch their great successful performance demonstrating the ancient martial art of Muay Boran.

Kru Lundy & Team MSA Widnes in The UK's number 1 martial arts magazine

Kru Lundy and Team MSA Widnes Demostration Team on the front cover of Martial Arts Illustrated and two write ups of success stories at MSA Widnes Muay Thai :)

MSA Widnes in Love It magazine

Kru Kirsty Senior Instructor & Co Owner on the front cover and two page spread in LOVE IT magazine of her journey through martial arts and what amazing results she has gained especially losing 5 and half stone and winning British Title an inspiration.

Kru Lundy MSA Widnes Demo Team Photo Shoot

Kru Lundy and his Demo Team were invited for a photo shoot at Bob Sykes (Editor Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine) Club in Huddersfield for photographs to promote next years UK Martial Arts Show of which Kru Lundy and Team MSA Widnes will be one of the headliners.

Kru Lundy stunt screen fighter for Marvel Comic Sky 1

Kru Lundy was on set working as a stunt/screen fighter co acting with martial arts movie actor and expert Silvio Silmac.  The show Lucky Man a Stan Lee Marvel Comic Series for Sky 1 will be televised 2016 of which also stars james Nesbitt, Mark Strange and Lee Charles.  Filming was in London in June and Kru Lundy smashed his performance in 1 take.

Kru Lundys Students gain Awards

Kru Lundys team of instructors, students and champion fightgers recieved awards for their dedication to martial arts in the UK.

Kru Lundy & Team MSA Widnes Demo Team Stole The Show

Kru Lundy & his demonstration Team stole the show at the UK Martial Arts Show with their amazing peformance of which crowds were wooed by, already they are booked and headlined for next years event in May 2016 at The Dome Doncaster to captivate the spectators again.

Hall of Fame Awards

Kru lundy was awarded the GOLD award Hall Of Fame by Bob Sykes Editor of MAI Martial Arrts Illustrated Magazine 26th April 2015 alongisde his Master Grand Master Sken who were both awarded for their continueing contribution towards Martial Arts in the UK.  The awards were recieved at an award night amongst Masters, Legends and successful martial artists in the UK.

MSA interclub

Fighters are doing excellently progression is to championship level well done all.

Buddhist Temple Visit

A great day visiting Runcorns Wat Phra Singh Buddhist Temple a tranquil place

ITV Ninja Warrior UK

Kru Lundy became the first ever applicant for the show to try out the course for the first time in the UK.  Kru Lundy was asked to test the course at rehearsals on Thursday 26th & Friday 27th March in the company of Ben Shephard, Chris Kamara & Rochelle Scott of the girl band The Saturdays.  The show will be aired in April on Saturday nights on ITV.  " I was priveleged to have the opportunity to have a couple of test runs on the course for the camera and presenter rehearsals, it is very tough more than you can imagine and the venue (Manchester Central Convention Centre) was amazing a great experiecne to have had" :)

Demonstration Teams 1st Public Appearance success

Kru Lundy & his great demonstration team performed their first demonstration supporting the great charity event organised by Nightstop in support to the Homeless of Halton and helping others in the community.  the demonstration was watched and welcomed by the Mayor of Halton Shaun Osbourne & his wife.  The team were successful and all went to perfect plan, the team are already building up their demonstration to another level ready for their next event in April 'WATCH THIS SPACE UK'.

Kru Lundy to be awarded the Gold Award Hall of Fame Award

Kru Lundy will be awarded in April the Gold Award Hall Of Fame Award by Martial Arts Illustrated Editor Bob Sykes for his contribution and continuing commitment to Martial Arts.  the award night will be 26th April 2015 in Staffordshire where Kru Lundy will be awarded infront of fellow martial artists, Masters and legends of all styles of martial arts.  All students will be in attendance for this great award night to see their instructor gain recognition for all what he does for them and the art of Muay Thai/Boran.  His abilites have grown vastly with the great guidance, mentoring and inspiration from his Master , Grand Master Sken and mentoring and guidance from GM Sken wife Kru Kay Hampson.  For tickets please enquire at reception at our studio for this memorable night that will have full coverage /pictures of the event in an edition of Martial Arts Illustrated magazine.