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Both outdoor and indoor cycling is always a good exercise for health. But today, indoor cycling has become very popular for its convenience and benefits.

1. All the benefits plus more

Cycling overall is a great exercise. But one of the main obvious reasons why I prefer indoor cycling is that "it lets you stay indoor" and still you can get all the benefits of cycling. One of the cycling exercise benefits is, Cycling increases the density of human bones. That's why it is very helpful for the kids as well as the elder people to ride cycles.


2. Long term well being

Regular indoor cycling can make ones' heart and lungs stronger. As cycling ease the blood circulation process of human body, it makes heart and lungs stronger than usual. So, start indoor cycling from now on, without any confusion. Benefits of biking exercise are really very good for human health from every side.

3. Great for any age group

The benefits of indoor cycling, both physical and mental, can be enjoyed by almost any age group. It does not distinguish people based on their age or fitness level. Perhaps this is why indoor cycling exercises were the most noteworthy new fitness drift of the 1990s. It has been continued year after year and has gained in popularity today. While most of the benefits may be enough to persuade you to attempt this form of exercise, another uniformly attractive quality of indoor cycling is that it's a matter of great fun! Most of the participants report that time spent during indoor cycling exercises seem to fly by, as divergent to other forms of cardio, and that they gain a true sense of achievement after finishing it.

4. Minimizes the risk of heart disease

Another important benefit of indoor cycling is the decreased rate of heart disease. So those who are suffering from heart related diseases can consult with their doctors. Doctors sometimes suggest doing indoor cycling regularly. A survey by the American College of Sports Medicine proved that the people who regularly practice or perform indoor cycling are in less danger of being attacked by heart diseases than the usual people.

5. Extreme Calorie Burn

During 60 minute indoor cycling session, you can burn 700 - 800 calorie which is equivalent to 15 to 20 miles of bike riding. Cycling is a great way for out of shape people to lose weight and get back on shape.

6. Great Warm Up Tool

Indoor cycling benefits sports guys a lot. For every type of game like football, cricket, baseball, soccer, swimming, shooting, golf etc., indoor cycling is very helpful. It also helps them to increase their energy level both mental and physical. That is why in many dressing rooms (in stadiums) there are indoor cycles. Athletes warm up on those before they actually go to field.

7. Ensures Sound Sleep

It also helps you to enjoy sound sleep. It may help People who cannot sleep well. Cycling may be a great treatment for those people.

8. Risk Free

Another important benefit of indoor cycling is that it is risk free. Outside cycling is much more risky than indoor cycling. Because, there are a lot of vehicle and traffic jam in the road which may hamper your outdoor cycling.

9. Saves Time

Indoor cycling saves your time. Because, outside hassle may waste your important time. You need not to get ready to go outside and you will not face any traffic jam.


Gentle on the Back

According to Spine-Health, indoor cycling is a type of  low-impact aerobic exercise that is not only considered highly effective when  done regularly, but also is gentle on the back. This is because many people  prefer to stay seated, which takes the weight off of their bodies. In addition,  this type of exercise, when performed for 30 to 40 minutes, increases production  of endorphins, the body's natural pain killer, which may help eliminate a  person's need for medication if he has chronic back pain.

Calorie Burn and Consistency

A 150-pound person who participates in an indoor cycling  class for 45 minutes will burn more than 360 calories, according to Fitness  magazine. This makes indoor cycling a popular choice for people who want a  low-impact activity with a high-calorie burn. In addition, because indoor  cycling requires only one type of motion, there are no choreographed routines to  remember as in other types of aerobics classes.

Good for Walkers

Indoor cycling provides benefits for individuals who  also like to walk for exercise, according to Weight Watchers. It will improve  your coordination, which will aid in the prevention of injury when you walk;  build lower body strength, which will help prevent your legs from becoming too  tired too early during your walks; and help strengthen your core, leading to  better posture when you walk.

Build Leg Strength

The program is also an effective exercise for building  and toning lower body strength, particularly in the calves, buttocks and  quadriceps, and the muscle tendons, according to Alive. It's especially  beneficial if you want a cardiovascular workout that will improve your legs  without any type of weight bearing exercise.

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