Muay Thai Grading


Grading Class is held every Thursday 6-7pm with Kru Lundy


Before the year 1977 gradings of Muay Thai did not exist, upon arrival in 1977 Grand
Master Sken Master Toddy Master Woody began to teach Muay Thai and introduced for the first time in the UK gradings to assess the ability of his students.


In History the Prajeat/Kuang Rang (Arm Band) was given by Masters to their
warriors on the battlefield, to date it given to fighters of Muay Thai after
being blessed with belief that it is a charm with magical powers. As a good
luck charm it is worn by fighters to help keep the fighter safe from harm
during his/her battle/fight.


Gradings is optional for all our students but is very beneficial to our students as it
sets goals and helps further our students knowledge in the art of Muay
Thai/Muay Boran with understanding more of the perfecting technique, history,
terminology, Thai culture and its purpose in the ring.

Our class is structural to meet the criteria of our students grading assessment of wich
assessment will be made on a grading day every two months by Kru Lundy of who

Here is our grading or rank of assessment, all students are to show their ability in
technique, balance, power, speed and accuracy. The student must show they are
loyal, humble and have a good attitude to their art and their Master/Instructor.



White Arm Band Kuang Rang

Yellow Arm Band Kuang Rang

Green Arm Band Kuang Rang
Blue Arm Band Kuang Rang

Blue White Arm Band Kuang Rang

Brown Arm Band Kuang Rang
Brown 1 Arm Band Kuang Rang
Brown 2 Arm Band Kuang Rang
Brown 3 Arm Band Kuang Rang
Red & Black Arm Band - Child (12 years - 17 years) Junior Leadership


Red & Black Armband is a special award for young adults who wish to become
mentors for the younger students. They are assed on leadership skills Muay Thai
Techniques planning and helping in lessons.


Red Arm Band - Adult

The Red band is given in recognition of being at a standard of which he/she can
become a Trainee Muay Thai Instructor This level will allow the Trainee

Instructor to be able to continue on to Instructor Level Khan Grade (Dan grade)
his/her study will give the Instructor the opportunity to acquire the relevant
Muay Thai Qualiication to aquire insurances for teaching with in his or her own
school or at a facility