Adults Mixed Classes


Our Muay Thai program is led by Kru Lundy , trainer of Champions. More than a typical Muay Thai Gym, however, Widnes Thai Boxing is a martial academy, similar to a private school with teaching of a high quality standard delivered professionally and authentically by the only MTQ (Muay Thai Qualified) in the area.


Our Muay Thai members become part of a tradition, a lineage, and a lifestyle, testing through several ranks and following a precise and intricately developed curriculum to not only develop the most well-rounded martial arts practitioners, but to develop more confident, thoughtful, and self-aware human beings taught in a in a friendly and helpful environment.


To join you can contact Kru Kirsty Lund on 07763802555 to start your journey of learning a 3000 year old martial art and getting fit at the same time.